7 Ways Video Will Transform Your Business

In today’s day and age, video has become the most powerful tool to market your business. It has the potential to transform how your clients see you, the power to beat off your competition, and the ability to produce growth in your capital. Here are seven reasons to utilize motion picture in your business!

Video Builds Trust1. Video Builds Trust

Video gives a face to your brand. Customers are able to learn about your company without risk or obligation. They will hear from you personally, which buildscredibility and trust.



Video Sells

2. It Sells

Motion picture speaks to the visual and auditory senses. Studies show that a person who watches a video about a product or service is 174% more likely to buy the product than someone who has not seen one (Retail Touchpoints).


Video Is Extremely Mobile

3. Extremely Mobile

The average American spends 162 min (2.7 hrs) on a mobile device everyday (Flurry Analytics). On Youtube alone, over 50% of streaming occurs on a mobile device (Youtube Statistics).


Video Is Global

4. Global

Thanks to the internet, it is now easier than ever to expand your business outside your local sphere of influence. Through motion picture, you can connect with potential customers all over the globe.

Search Engines Love Video

5. Search Engines Love It

Search Engines work hard to determine if your content is worthy of high ranking. Studies have shown that pages with video are 53% more likely to appear on the 1st page of Google (Forrester). Video is engaging and thus ranks very highly.


Video Can Make You Money

6. It Can Make You Money

Businesses and corporations which utilize motion picture on a regular basis make profit directly from the videos through Google Adsense, and can advertise products their products or services in a compelling way, that turns viewers into customers.


Video Makes Complex = Simple

7. Makes Complex = Simple

If a picture is worth 1000 words, than video is worth 100,000. People prefer to interact with motion picture rather than reading an instruction manual. Because of this, you can show clearly how a product works.



Utilizing video in your business has incredible potential to bring larger income and more customers.However, many don’t recognize the benefits motion picture offers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity that video provides.

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